The death of 12-year-old Sylvester Oromoni has left many Nigerians devasted and some have shared their boarding school experience.

A relationship expert known as Solomon Bichi in his reaction, revealed that he was sexually abused by a gay guy, visited a brothel and started masturbating while he was in boarding school.
Other Nigerians have also shared their experience as boarders. Some have said they were positively affected by the experience while others not so much.
Below are some comments culled by Naija News.
midella.cakes: “One of my father’s friends that like to do I-too-know, he says I should cover my hair, I should wear long dresses, I should not use lip gloss and all, I no know wetin concern am. He sent his daughter to a boarding school and she is well behaved and dresses decent, only for them to find out at SS2 that the girl as had 4 abortions and me I have not even kiss o”
snails.001: “I attended a boarding school.. I didn’t have any outrageous experience.. I liked the experience and I was looking forward to sending my children to boarding school but omo these stories are wild.”
__oba_lucious:I was threaten by Senior student who were Gay.. I was naive then… it was my school father then That help me God bless you Sadam Idris anywhere you are”
yuhjaysbeautyville: “I went to an all girls boarding school. It was good though but the disadvantages outweighs the good. I saw lesbianism at a different level, thank God I didn’t loose my home training or get influenced by my peers, neither was I forced to do what was wrong.”
regalointimates: “Boarding school helped shape me. I liked it. But I’m female…boys hostel is not a joke…even back then I was constantly afraid for my male classmates, some of them dreaded going back to hostel after classes”
_damivee: “It affected my mental health a little,because I went to a single sex school…”
okorji_i: I went to a boarding school where to considerate extent had structured management, teachers who are humane, yes it’s owned by a Sisters congregation. No the Sisters were not near perfect but their efforts to raise wholesome Children were very evident. We were taught to hold ourselves in high standards.The school is trying it’s best to create people of integrity. The major issue is as time passes more numbers of previously injured children from diverse backgrounds are brought together to live… The pressure is so much, even the best of individuals can do little cure the rate of Moral”

This article was originally published on Naija News