A 21-year-old rookie cop has been banned from every police force in the UK after she was convicted of stalking her ex-boyfriend.


Emma Bewick who was working as a student police officer with South Wales Police when she was first arrested on suspicion of stalking ex Gavin Burrows, reportedly ignored warnings to stop harassing her former boyfriend after following him in her car and on foot.


According to prosecutors, she came to “his home address unannounced, attempting to make unwanted contact with him and attending at places where he frequents.”


Bewick who was handed a ten-week suspended sentence earlier this week, and a five-year restraining order after admitting stalking without fear, alarm, or distress between October 7 and 25 at Talbot Green, South Wales, has now been banned from working as a police officer everywhere in England and Wales.


South Wales Police headquarters was reportedly told how Bewick had repeatedly bothered Mr Burrows with “unwanted contact,” even when on bail, and South Wales Police Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan disclosed that she was dismissed and did not resign.


Detective Inspector Miles Goodman told the hearing;


“Emma Bewick was involved in a domestic related incident with her ex-partner Gavin Burrows.

“She received words of caution that he no longer wished to have contact with her and she was told to cease contact with him, and that if she made further contact it would be considered harassment.

“A further complaint was made of unwanted contact with him and she was arrested and bailed with conditions not to contact him in any way.

“She failed to adhere to these bail conditions and a further complaint was made that on the 19 October she had followed him both on foot and in her car.”