A video that captures the moment a Nigerian man was allegedly dropping ‘juju’ at his best friend’s door in Malaysia has caused a stir on social media.

According to the Facebook user, the man whose friend was caught dropping charm at the entrance of his condo has been complaining about his health issues despite going to the hospital to treat himself countlessly. 

Unknown to the friend who dropped the charms, a neighbor of the man had positioned cameras around the flat. He contacted his neighbors and was surprised to see the image of his best friend as the evildoer. 

A statement from the person who shared the video online read;

“This happened in Venice hill condominium, located on Cheras, Malaysia. This our Nigerian brother was caught dropping charm for another of our brother. The guy had been complaining of health issues, only to wake up this morning and saw what someone dropped in front of his door. He contacted his neighbors who have cameras and his best friend emerged as the evil doer. We had to banish him from living among us.”

Watch the video below;

Reacting to the video, one Righteousness wrote; ”Unfriendly Friends and Household Enemies are the greatest Enemies of a man. many of the Evils that brings down a man are Orchestrated by those around him.This is why you must Put your Trust Solidly and Comprehensively in GOD and Surrender to JESUS Christ. HE Protects, Guides, and Preserves. HE is the Most Dependable, Undisputable and Reliable Friend.”

Another social media user named, Alex wrote; ‘They will continue being exposed. Every night person no go sleep in peace, go dey awake dey pray against people like this.”

This article was originally published on Naija News