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By Princely Onyenwe, Abuja

Collegiate definition of “Developmental Disorder” states that it is a condition (such as autism or dyslexia) that is typically marked by delayed development or impaired function especially in learning, language, communication, cognition, behaviour, socialization, or mobility.

This implies that in the governance system of Nigeria a lot of erroneous applications have continued to bedevil the country as an investigation revealed.

One among which is the decline in the supposedly rapid developments the people had expected to manifest since independence in 1960.

The second fault is the over-zealous approach of political parties anchored on more politicking than leadership.

From my afro view and series of researches conducted widely in NIGERIA, I found out that Nigeria is a super blessed country but the problem of leadership had continued to linger.

Coming from the angle of a tourist, a tour around the states of the federation will make one begin to wonder about the essence of governance where elected officers of government are insensitive to their social responsibilities to improve both the welfare of the people and governance.

Honestly to raise or improve the grade of at which governance has decayed in this clime demands emergency measures without further delay.

Roads: Of a truth, the sorry situation of our roads is becoming too dangerous to Nigerian citizens and the road user too.

The complaint about this is no longer news but demands actions from the government to improve the roads.

I found out that a good touch with a good construction company or companies well mobilized with the needed resources can help NIGERIA grow.

In the entire Lagos expressway to the east, it is only in ONDO state one can breathe a fresh air while plying the highway.

Others are worst than ever, still, we claim to have FERMA as an agency of Government saddled with the responsibility to maintain NIGERIAN roads.

It is possible if the government expand our major roads to four lanes than the old two lanes that have existed after the civil war.

Going close to Onitsha through Asaba delta major road, there are a lot of spaces left overgrown with grasses in between the lanes which have shortened the smooth ride and road comfort experienced in the developed environment.

Nigeria can engage any standard construction firm like Julius Berger which has been found good and tested on NIGERIA road construction and mobilize them with the needed resources to do good roads for the country.

But on the contrary, politics and greed have ridiculed the manifestation of good work in the country.

Oil and Gas: Taking our reference on the state of the Nigerian Refinery, Nigerians will begin to wonder the reasons behind its malfunctioning.

There is no way the cost of refining abroad will be the same with local refining because over there, there are charges accrued to production which the country must pay.

The proposed Modular refineries choruses all over the country, what has lingered the prompt establishment and its operation if any was completed?

Why has Eleme and Warri refineries gone to or maybe forgotten? Does it mean that the acclaimed richest country and the giant of Africa is no more? There is no gainsaying that lack of local refineries has affected Nigeria economy.

PHCN: Investigation reveals that electronic metering has not gone through the entire households in Nigeria since its introduction and pronouncement by the government. The fact is that the country lack a maintenance culture and enforcement of policies.

If it is not politics how can the EEDC and the so-called NEPA/PHCN be playing on users intelligence?

Supply of electricity is henpecked and overbilling of customers has continued to trend without possible check by Government to regulate and caution its service providers. This is a dangerous challenge to work on.

Political Party system: The system of politics over here is more hazardous than beneficial. It has been more politicking than the expected governance the people need.

Politicians have left the basis of the political manifesto to practice POLITRICKS.

Hardly you see greedy politicians develop their constituency but go and check their respective investments, this will marvel one’s imagination.

Roads to their village residence are left undone but you will see them live in glass houses cities awaiting another campaign season to use the Brian of the masses against their wishes. Promise and fail type of politicians.

And besides, a POLITICAL party that is not delivering the needed leadership to the people cannot expect the populace to like the party.

Such a political party will automatically lose membership, fame and credibility because a political party that starved the people will also be starved of loyalty and followership.

Meanwhile, hard times and starvation are said to be the leading cause of unrest and increase in crime-prone in the country.

Every new day over here gives birth to another new crime formula as Revealed.

In Onitsha for instance, Keke is now used to rub people mostly private car owners in ANAMBRA state. A fully loaded tricycle batched a private car recently along that Iweka road without knowing that the fully loaded tricycle was used for crime.

The owner of the car down to caution the tricycle rider and the passengers surrounded him and robbed him of his belongings at gunpoint.

In Benin, the crime pattern has improved. Once you sight a group of persons waving at you to check your tires please speed up for your safety because immediately you stop the criminals will surrender you with a gun and rob your belongings.

States like ABIA, Imo and Lagos have their ways of criminal operations too.

In conclusion, the GOVERNOrs of Akwa Ibom and EBONYI have justified their love for the state for building quality roads and solid construction and flyovers. We have to commend good Leadership than rob the people of their fundamental rights.

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