Chelsea flying high

It is almost 12 months since Thomas Tuchel took charge, and it safe to say Chelsea haven’t looked back.

Taking over with the club in ninth place, the German guided the Blues to Champions League success, and currently sees his side sitting atop the Premier League table, having lost just once all season, and having conceded just 6 goals.

But is there one man that is key to it all?

Mason Mount, the difference-maker?

Mason Mount, the Chelsea academy boy, has had a huge effect on the Blues so far this season. While he may not score or assist goals as often as he perhaps should, his infectious energy and determination is something that stands Chelsea in good stead.

And, as the stat below shows, it helps the team a lot.

Asked about the statistic, Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel claimed:

‘Maybe it’s luck or maybe it’s the effect he has to be the edge and to put the edge to our side,’ said the Blues head coach.

‘We know about this because it’s a kind of statistic that is sometimes quite interesting, like who is on the pitch when we win, who starts when we win, who ends the matches when we win. We are aware of these statistics.’

He continued:

‘It’s not a statistic that guarantees you to start because this would be maybe a bit too easy but it’s something that we cannot deny.

‘To have Mason brings a certain attitude, aura and mentality on the field and it’s nice that he has this winning ratio. We are aware of it and it’s full credit to him.’

‘It’s very hard to drop him because even when he has not-so-good games, you still always get full energy, positivity and a wonderful approach to the game,’ 

‘He is very passionate and has almost a deep love with the game, always ready to give everything to contribute fully. That’s why it is hard to drop him but sometimes we do.”

Is Mason Mount Chelsea’s lucky charm?

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