The Chairman of Lekki Phase 1 Residents Association, LERA, Abayomi Idowu, has charged politicians in Nigeria to always play by the rule so as not to scuttle the nation’s democratic process.

He also congratulated Nigerians for embracing democracy which June 12 symbolises, just as he lampooned delegates of many political parties for turning the process into a money-spinning exercise.

Abayomi Idowu in a statement personally issued by him said, “It was absurd and disgusting to read in the newspapers and television of allegations of bribery by political parties and their delegates. The delegates are our problems as they vote for the highest bidder and not the candidates that can move the country forward. This kind of activity does not portray politicians and even our country as a serious people.”

While noting that such could truncate the hard earn democracy of the country, the LERA boss insisted that politicians should have it at the back of their minds that they have aspired to offer service to embezzle money.

According to him, “The candidates that gave money to be voted for should also be ashamed of themselves as they deprive the people of the best candidates that can serve the people better.

“INEC too should up their game as there is a law against all these practices. The system of indirect primaries that allow only the delegates to vote should be re-examined and the process of choosing delegates should also be re-examined.

“This is very important so as not to discourage good people with the capacity to serve from offering to serve.”

On June 12, Abayomi Idowu opined that it represents the collective struggle and resilience of the people to enthrone and sustain democracy, noting also that “the will of the people in a democracy is supreme and cannot be underestimated.”

“The fact that Nigeria has experienced 23 years of uninterrupted civil rule speaks to the collective desire of the people to sustain democracy.

”It is also important we appreciate the struggle of Nigerians, some of our citizens paid the supreme sacrifice, others went into exile while others were incarcerated. So, to destroy this democracy through the recklessness of our politicians would be costly for all of us,” he added.

It would be recalled that June 12, 1993, was the day Nigeria conducted what has been described as the fairest and freest presidential election in the nation’s modern history, but was annulled by the then government, thus precipitating a long and bitter struggle for freedom and democracy.

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